Protect the environment

Plastic water bottles can be extremely bad for the environment. Not only does throwing plastic bottles away instead of recycling them contribute to landfills, but the energy and production costs for bottled water can also increase your carbon footprint. Invest in a water purification system! This will reduce your carbon footprint, as well as the waste you produce when you buy plastic water bottles. Instead, you will be able to enjoy crystal clear drinking water right from your tap!

Drink safe and healthy water

Based on a recent study, it was found that the bottled water storage facilities do not maintain the temperature below 18°C. Bottles are stored at ambient temperatures 30-38°C. Exposing bottled water to such high temperatures can increase its microbial load.

Studies by the Universities of Thrace and Patras, conducted in part from 1995 to 2003 and from 2004 to 2008, and which examined approximately 1,700 bottles of commercially available water identified pseudomonas, coliforms and colonies of microorganisms that may cause urinary tract and respiratory infections, gastroenteritis and other health problems.

Another problem with bottled water is that it is stored in plastic bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET is made from fossil fuels (gas and oil). Research has shown that PET chemicals are filtered in water. The University of Heidelberg has found that the longer water remains in the bottle, the higher the water content of unhealthy chemicals.

Drink water whenever you want

How many times did you forget to restock your water bottles and run out of drinkable water? If the answer is: ‘a lot’, then think about installing a water purification system. This way you’ll have fresh and clean water every time you need it!

Stop the muscle and back pain from heavy lifting

When you go to the supermarket to restock water bottles you may carry at least 10kg of water! The constant heavy lifting can cause problems in our back, muscles and joints over time or even sudden lower back pain. To avoid these kinds of problems the solution is home water filters!

Save money

If you’re buying bottled water, the cost of all those bottles adds up quickly, even if you’re buying in bulk! A water filtration system can give you quality water at a fraction of the cost not only for drinking but also for cooking, making coffee or tea, washing fruits & vegetables, watering your plants, etc.