Professional water treatment system (range 0.7 - 2.7m2 / h)

BWF reverse osmosis systems are designed and manufactured according to the highest quality, safety and noise level requirements. They are suitable for low and medium flows where brackish water or tap water is to be treated. 

It offers chemical and microbiological water treatment, with a 90-95% reduction of salt and produces high-quality water free of bacteria, viruses and pyrogen.

The standard equipment of BWF RO SYSTEM devices includes a head filter with a 1-micron filtration pore and a high-pressure pump made of stainless steel.

All hydraulic components used in BWF systems are of high quality, corrosion-resistant and suitable for the human body. In addition, these systems contain three pressure callipers, a water conductivity meter, three flow meters, three control valves and two pressure gauges.

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply380-415V/50Hz/3~
Max operating press.15 bar
Pressure2.5 - 5 bar
Temperature5 - 35°C (nominal 20°C )
Salinity< 600 μS / cm2
Free Chlorine< 0.1ppm
Free Chlorineconcentration in reject water below the solubility limit
Calcium SulphateLangelier index of reject water negative
Calcium Carbonateconcentration in reject water below the solubility limit
Silica≤ 3
SDI≤ 3