Professional water treatment system (Range: 180 &300 l/h)

WRO is fully automated and has a microprocessor and digital display.

It is equipped with membranes that remove up to 99.6% of salt, producing water free of bacteria, viruses and pyrogen.

This system includes a 5-micron carbon filter which helps remove suspended solids and chlorine.

Furthermore, they contain the necessary components and appropriate sensors to measure and regulate the operation of the system and guarantee the production of high-quality water in compliance with the most stringent standards. They are also equipped with water conductivity meters, flow meters and pressure gauges.

The carbon filter has a lifetime of up to 1000 hours of operation depending on the characteristics of the raw water and the concentration of chlorine.

All hydraulic components used in the system are of high quality, corrosion-resistant and suitable for drinking water.

On request, these systems can be adapted to individual needs.

They are designed and manufactured in accordance with the current EU directives.

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply230V single-phase 


10% 50Hz
Max operating press.10 bar
Pressure2.5 - 5 bar
Temperature5 - 35oC
Salinity<4500 μS / cm2
Free Chlorine (180,300)<0.5ppm
Free Chlorine (500)<0.1ppm
Calcium Sulphateconcentration in reject water below the solubility limit
Calcium CarbonateLangelier index of reject water negative
Silicaconcentration in reject water below the solubility limit SDI