The past years, the water disinfection with UV (Ultra Violet) radiation is used extensively.  

At 253,7Nm, the UV radiation, is a part of the solar radiation and is reproduced artificially.  

It has a higher intensity than the sunlight and it is suitable for water disinfection.  It is procedure that destroys 100% of legionella, germs, bacteria, viruses, protozoa and it has no negative impact on the environment.  

From a microbiological perspective, after the UV use, the water is 100% harmless.


Residential, hotels, restaurants, cafe-bar, offices, bakeries, dentistries, hospitals, industries, textile machines, car wash, freezers, boilers.


- Covered area to avoid frost. 

- Drainage on site. 

- Power supply 220V. 

- Installation at the entrance of the softener filter suspended to avoid problems (permanent leak into drains)at the automatic control valve (self cleaning is recommended). 

- Water supply iron-free (< 0,15ppm) and magnesium (<0,04ppm) which can destroy the resin in a very short time. 

- When it comes to water-well, a water analysis should take place to identify any dangerous ions, which  is taken care by our company free of charge. 

- The inlet pressure is greater than 2 bars. 

- The water inlet temperature is below 49°C.