A three-stage filter with high quality construction and innovative design, built to the highest quality standards.

It is easily installed on any tap, above and below the sink, and has a filter replacement indicator and a metal valve for controlling water flow. No electricity is needed to work.

It protects you effectively from solid, rust, dirt, sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, microbes, viruses,

It consists of a built-in sling and attachments.

3 filters are included:

1. PP Polypropylene 1 micron, which removes sand, rust, dust, turbidity, sediment, asbestos, plastic fibers etc

2. UF Ultra Filtration 0.1 micron, for microbial protection.

3. GAC Coconut Carbon with silver that effectively removes radioactive iodine, chlorine, trihalomethanes and harmful chemicals.

The installation kit includes a battery connector, a tube and batteries.


  • Maximum flow: 3.5 L / min
  • Maximum pressure: 4 bar
  • Maximum temperature: 40 C°
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Dimensions: Π: 30 cm / B: 10 cm / Y: 34 cm
  • Change filter: every six months
  • Packaging: 1 pc.