It has a classic design and adapts very easily to all faucets.

It occupies very little space and can be placed either from the right or from the left side of the sink.

It removes from the water soils, sediments, rust, stones and other particles, which are in the water, as well as chemicals such as chlorine, insecticides, etc.

It has 2 double-hose cartridges. In one there is a 1 micron polypropylene filter and the other compact solid carbon filter. Includes plug and fittings.

Available with different types of replacement filters (with filtering port up to 0.01 micron).

The installation kit includes a battery connector, a tube, and a key. There is also a possibility to be placed under the bench by adding the installation kit under (green box).


  • Maximum flow: 3.5 L / min
  • Maximum pressure: 4 bar
  • Maximum temperature: 38 C°
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Dimensions: Π: 26 cm / Β: 16.5 cm / Y: 32 cm
  • Filter change: depending on the filter, 10 "
  • Packaging: 1 pc.


Stage 1: PP 5 micron, which removes sand, rust, dust, turbidity, sediment, asbestos, plastic fibers etc

Step 2: filter types