The reverse osmosis system is considered the best water treatment system in the world. It is usually placed under the kitchen counter, while a separate tap is fitted on the counter for the filtered water. The water goes through 5 stages of filtration in order to end up in your glass clean and crystal clear, free from all kinds of impurities, rust, salts, organic substances, fertilizers, pesticides, up to all kinds of dangerous microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. Ideal solution for areas with high conductivity (salt content) such as Cyprus.

1º stage - PP Polypropylene filter 

This filter is 100% Food Grade, non-toxic and suitable for drinking water, with a permeability of 5 microns (1 micron = 1 millionth of a millimetre).  Specifically, it effectively retains soil, silt, rust, garbage, sand and all suspended particles whose total mass is greater than 5 microns. It is also chemically resistant and prevents the growth of microorganisms. This filter protects the activated carbon filter which is in the next stage of water filtration. 

2º Stage  - CTO Compact Activated Carbon Filter from 100% Coconut shell 

This filter prevents hydrolysis of the membrane in reverse osmosis systems, extending its life and improving its performance. It also effectively absorbs household chlorine and its derivatives such as chloroform, heavy metals, insecticides and other chemicals from tap water. 

3º stage - CTO Compact Activated Carbon Filter from 100% Coconut shell  

This filter is placed for more efficiency following stage 2.

4º Stage  - Reverse Osmosis membrane made of polyamide 

The water is transferred to the reverse osmosis membrane where the main purification takes place. In this stage, a pump is used to apply pressure to the water to force it through a semi-permeable membrane with a pore size of 0,0001 microns, i.e. 0,0001 microns. This is capable of removing salts, including nitrates and their derivatives, nitrosamines, arsenic, hexavalent chromium and hundreds of other harmful substances, heavy metals, microbes, cysts and bacteria in a proportion of up to 99,9 %.

5º Stage  - CTO Compact Activated Carbon Filter from 100% Coconut shell

As soon as we turn on the tap, the system sends water from the tank to the last filter, which thanks to Sintered technology filters out 99.9% of chemicals, and also improves the taste.