The following instructions apply only to those who have a reverse osmosis system with a water storage tank and is necessary to apply in case of non-use of this device for more than 3 days.

1.            Turn off the water supply i.e. the blue switch (vane) leading to the red tube. It closes on the right and left.

2.            Turn off the socket.

3.            We leave the tap on, to empty all the water left in the container. Here it is very important not to let the water run down but to collect it in a basin so that we can water our plants, our garden, wash something or use it anywhere we can so that we don't waste it unnecessarily! Think green!

4.            When we return home we turn on the electricity and water supply. The container takes about 30 minutes to fill up completely.

 If  the machine does not work properly or we have a problem either when shutting down or starting up we contact the technical department at 22572555.