Yes, the water that comes to your tap directly from the water supply is drinkable. Municipalities and Communities make significant efforts to provide clean and potable water, i.e. free of suspended particles and undesirable substances, chlorinated to destroy bacteria and viruses. After the water is cleaned and tested by the Municipality / Community, the water travels through networks where it is not possible to control the pollution of dirt, rust, dangerous metals such as lead, from old networks. In addition, testing for insecticides and pesticides at water sources cannot be continuous due to the complexity of these analyses, which means that water must be purified at the point of use for reasons of water quality:

Aesthetics: Removing rust, dirt, and other suspended particles removes the unpleasant smell and taste of chlorine.

Hygiene: removing volatile organic substances (insecticides, pesticides), hazardous metals (lead), derivatives of the reaction of chlorine with organic compounds (halogenated hydrocarbons), microbes, viruses, possibly even radioactive particles.