The value of water for life is enormous. If we consider that 55% - 78% of the human body is made of water.

And if this applies to the human body, consider the body of a pregnant woman!

Especially, during the pregnancy, the body needs the extra element of water to cover the body's new needs. If we consider that water represents 94% of the baby’s weight, its intake of major importance.

Women during pregnancy should receive 10-12 glasses of clean water. It is very important to pay more attention during the early stages of pregnancy. Due to some symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhoea, dehydration of the body poses serious effects to the fetus.

The benefits of water during pregnancy are many and important for both life of, pregnant woman and the life of the fetus. Protects against urinary tract infections, fights the feeling of fatigue that we feel in gestation. It effectively helps to reduce headaches which are often the first signs of dehydration. It relieves constipation which is often accompanied by the appearance of haemorrhoids. Reduce fluid retention, which during this period is more evident along with cramps, swelling of the lower limbed, and sometimes the occurrence of Carpal tunnel syndrome.

The water keeps the baby well hydrated. Do not forget that the development of the baby depends on the environment that you create. It receives from you the necessary elements for its healthy growth which are dissolved in the water with your blood, but at the same time through the water are eliminated those that are useless and harmful.

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